Saturday, February 28, 2009

I am 'La Voix'!!

Schlagerqueen is looking forward to another great Eurovision Saturday!

The most anticipated Melodifestivalen will be coming live from Malmo and it will be a tight competition tonight!

Based on the clips released by SVT I can't wait to see Malena perform 'La Voix'

The clip sounds very powerful to me and I am hoping the disco operatic performance blows us all away!!

The chorus has a 'Nessun Dorma' feel to it! Will she be the first wildcard of 2009 to go direkt?

I also am impressed with Anna+Maria, Agnes and Star Pilots and I am hoping to love all performances based on what I have heard.

Thorleifs could pose a real threat and could be a sneaky qualifier. Hard to give an opinion on the song as the clip doesn't incorporate much of the chorus but dansband is very popular in Sweden at the moment! Oh by the way doesn't it sound like a song Linda Bengtzing would enter?

Sarah Dawn Finer's song is expected to be the stand out performance and is said to be in with a major chance of winning this night 2 weeks. 'Moving On' didn't blow me away but it is always difficult to tell without the full song.

Next 3 and Susanne do nothing for me and I hope they are not in the 5 that get through to the next round but as always anything can happen take last week Rigo and Rickfors making top 5?! Madness I tell you!

Whatever happens it is set to be a cracker of a show with Darin performing at the interval!

What I want to happen

DTG: Malena and Anna+Maria

AC: Agnes and Star Pilots

What I think will happen

DTG: Sarah Dawn Finer and Thorleifs

AC: Anna+Maria and Malena

Spain, Croatia and Portugal will all decide tonight!

Spain: It is completely a two horse race between Soraya and Melody. I would be happy with either!

Croatia: Even though they didn't win the semi last night I am rooting (as I always do) for Femminem. It would be fantastic to see the ladies back on the Eurovision stage!

Portugal: It is beginning to look like Luciana Abreu 'Juntos vamos conseguir (yes we can)' is the clear favourite. Check out her rehearsal here. I am loving the folk group Flor de Lis which reminds me of Lucia Moniz 'O meu coração não tem cor' which placed 6th for Portugal in 1996.

Let me know what you think..


Anonymous said...

I voted on Sarah so I wanted her to go to the final. But I hope she will qualify to the final next week in "Andra chansen". But I´m not sure she will qualify because Scotts are very popular.

Micko said...

Must admit star pilots didn't really do it for me, bit gimmicky and a blatant rip off of other (albeit far older) tunes, loved 'La Voix'