Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hope and Glory Direkt!!

Last night Heat number 2 took place in SkellefteƄ. Here are my thoughts:

Mans is one special guy! Like many others I was worried that 'Hope and Glory' would not reach the standard of 'Cara Mia' but I was very impresses with his performance last night. It was very slick and polished with a great key change and memorable lyrics. The choreography was vibrant and the bond styling worked perfectly. It was 3 minutes of bliss! He is nice to look at aswell.He was the only definate qualifier last night. Check out his performance here before it is removed!

Heat took the other final spot. Knowing little about this band I overlooked them to begin with but they put in a strong performance last night that reminded me of a little of Wig Wam!

Amy went to Andra Chansen with 'It's my Life'. Amy has grown on me in recent months and I like this song. I feel it is stronger than 'Thank You' and appeals to the High School Musical audience. Although pitchy in parts I would be happy if Amy got a place in Globen.

Lili+Susie taking the other spot had me smiling as my top 3 had all gotten a place in the top 4.

Markoolio's parody did not work at all! I think he didn't know what direction he wanted the song to go and either way it didn't work for the Swedish public and I was delighted he didn't enough votes.

Likewise Jennifer Brown's performance left me cold. Her breath control wasn't great and her song lacked spark for me.

Cookies and Beans impressed me with their vocals and was my fiance's favourite but their country style led to a Calaisa style exit.

Although there were rumours of a mix up with the International Jury vote it certainly is Amy.

So far we have a strong line up for the final 2 schlager, 1 motown and 1 rock song!

Over in Poland my favourites Man Meadow didn't make it. Iceland chose a nice ballad but Armenia, Moldova and Lithuania don't excite me!

Looking forward to next week! What do you think of last nights events?
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Micko said...

Loved the show, cookies & beans was a wonderful track with excellent vocals (quite like Melissa Ethridge), was delighted they weren't eliminated at first round and that plank Markoolia was! Pity they never made AC or Globen but there ya go! Lili & Susie i thought looked ackward and one of them needs to visit the gym a bit more over next few weeks or decide not to wear tight fitting pants! Was surprised at how much I enjoyed HEAT, although they too should take the gym and tight pants advice !!

Schlager Queen said...

Thanks for your amusing analysis as always!

spaghettiman a.k.a. tim! said...

hello honey!

agree with most of your great write-up apart from i loved the markoolio song!! thought it was funny and a really beautiful melody. dunno what schlager fans have against the poor chap!

mans for moscow!! x x

spaghettiman said...

oh! sexy pic of mans btw! :p