Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm in love with this Fairytale!

Over in Norway the Fairytale was selected as the Norweigan representative. This entry is very strong and the buzz around it is well justified as I think it could have a very good chance in Moscow. The song has mass appeal and is well sung by a charismatic performer.
Oslo 2010 would suit me perfectly!


Micko said...

I love this song and the quirky way he kinda shouts rather than sings is different, he's quite an accomplished musician judging by his fiddle work!! Getting over 80% of the vote helps too, rarely does a song get so much support, it certainly is one to watch in Moscow

Melodimen said...

I agree!

The cheeky smile, the Belarusian background, the instant performance and catchiness...

Oslo 2010 would be great!

All Alex needs is some Russain 'fiddling' of the order of appearance to perform last!

Melodimen said...

PS Get out your red pen, I was rushing when spelling Russian.

Schlager Queen said...

@ Mick+Melodimen
I agree its definately out there as a favourite at the moment and I am looking forward to seeing it!

Red pen is always out lol!

Schlager Steve said...

I am with you all the way Oslo 2010
'Fairytale' actually got around 18% vote of the total Norwegain population ! wow !
The question is can Alexandra cross over from West to East when it comes to the ESC votes - I hope so..

Schlager Steve said...
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Chris said...

For the past few years the winning song has been from Eastern Europe that also appeals to the west.

This year could be the first for a Western European song that also appeals to the east.

I've got really high hopes for this cracking little number!!!!