Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sinead Mulvey Eurosong Finalist 2009!

Schlagerqueen: Hi Sinead! Congratulations on making the final of Eurosong 2009.

You have a very strong songwriting team with Jonas and Christina almost winning the Danish final with fan favourite 'Someday' and Niall and Brendan having many songs in national finals. How did you get involved?

Sinead: Awh, thanks so much im so excited! He he! I know it's so cool to be working with them and we had so much fun recording the song. Niall got in touch with me after 'You’re a Star' and we have recorded stuff ever since. It's so cool that this is happening.

SQ: What is your song 'Et Cetera' like?

SM: I love it, I know everyone is goin to say that but I really have become attached to it now. It's rock, it’s modern, its Eurovision all in one. It really just is so catchy like a pink/blondie song. I really cant wait to let everyne hear it.

SQ: Wow that sounds exciting! What will your performance be like on Friday night?

SM: Well as you know Black Daisy will be supporting me! I just think its so cool to have a rock band behind me. I will be rocking out in front! I'm just gonna give it socks!

SQ: That's the way to do it! How does it feel to be the bookies favourite?

SM: It's weird! I don’t know what to say.I'm flattered but I'm not going to think about that because at the end of the day it’s a public vote/jury vote so everyone is in the same boat. I’m just going to keep my head down and think of my performance on the night.

SQ: Have you heard any of the other songs? Who do you feel is your biggest competition?

SM: I actually haven’t. It will be exciting to hear everyone at rehearsals. I'm not looking at it as a competition I'm looking at it as an opportunity to show the public how good this song is.

SQ: What would representing represent Ireland in Moscow mean to you?

SM: Oh god where do I start?
I've watched eurovision from when I can remember. ha ha , we used to put all the countries names into a hat and draw four or five countries names and whoever had the winning country at the end won twenty pound at the time and that was so much money back then!
Eurovision has always been apart of my family and I watch it every year So looking back on that and having watched it every year I’m just like “ Oh my God” this is my chance I could be representing my country. That would be the proudest moment of my life.

SQ: Ah that's sweet! Three Eurovision representatives started out on 'You're a Star', what was your experience like on the show?

SM: 'You’re a Star' was a great experience for me. I learned so much during my time there. Boot camp was amazing it really was unbelievable. I worked with some top class people in the music business. Singing on that stage in the Helix was an experience like no other before. It gave me so much confidence. God it's hard to believe that was four years ago!!!

SQ: What do you think Ireland should do to win Eurovision?

SM: I think we need a young entry that’s fast and up beat we need to stand out with a good act!

SQ: I agree! What does the future hold for Sinead Mulvey?

SM: God only knows!

SQ: What is your favourite Eurovision entry?

SM: I liked the way Lordi perform and their song was very catchy too.

SQ: Thanks Sinead. We wish you and all the team the very best of luck on Friday night and we will be cheering for you giving you all the support we can.

SM: Thanks Aidan!

Check out (which includes the demo of 'Love' Ireland's 2005 Eurovision entry!)
Song no. 6 “Et Cetera” performed by Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy. Composed by Niall Mooney, Jonas Gladnikoff, Daniele Moretti & Christina Schilling.


Micko said...

She seems really nice, hope she gets a good slot on Friday

Len W said...

Yay, thanks for this SQ. This is the entry I have been excited about, and you've given me even more to root for.

Schlager Queen said...

Yes, she is very nice. She will be song number 6 tomorrow night.

@Len W
You are welcome! Hope you enjoy the show!

Len W said...

Just listened to the preview show on webradio and "Et Cetera" and "Out of Control" are standouts. The Lee Bradshaw ballad is a bit lame, I hope the teen girls don't turn out en masse and make Ireland send him.

spaghettiman said...

you get all the scoops! well done! ... and congrats to ireland! i only caught the second half but et cetera was the best of those 3! thought 'out of control' was good on the recap too. now i am listening to 'out of control' on youtube i think ireland chose right! hope you're pleased! x