Thursday, February 12, 2009

Interview with Man Meadow!!

Hi Guys,

Thanks for agreeing to do this interview! I am a big fan of Man Meadow!!

Schlagerqueen: You are back in the Polish National final this year with 'Loves Gonna Get You'. Congratulations! How does it feel?

Man Meadow: It feels great, and also a little bit unbelievable that we get another shot this year, but we cannot wait to get over there.

SQ: What will your performance be like?

MM: Well, we actually have not had time to put the act together yet, we are meeting the choreographer and our back up vocalists/dancers this coming week and will put it all together, but it is an energetic song so of course there will be some moves, just like last year.

SQ: That sounds fantastic! Fredrik you were a backing dancer for Ani Lorak in Belgrade, How was the experience of Eurovision?

MM: Eurovision is always such a fun event, and big. Working with Ukraine was quite different as every little detail is important, our rehearsals were very strict, but then again, that really made it an excellent act!

SQ: You have both worked with a lot of Swedish stars. Who are your favourites to work with?

MM: Well Fredrik's absolute favourite is Barbro "Lill-Babs" Svensson, who's a legend here in Sweden, a grand old lady with one of the biggest hearts in the music industry.

SQ: Ah that's nice. She is a true legend. Did you guys ever send songs to Melodifestivalen?

MM: Yes, we've sent a couple of songs in the past.

SQ: 'Viva la Musica' is a real fan favourite, were you surprised at its success?

MM: Yes we guess so, it's hard to reach out with your music these days, there are so much. But we kind of realized that it's been a little bit more popular than we thought when we saw that the Dj:s here in Sweden play it a lot on the dance floors - it's been on top 40 list all fall.

SQ: Who do you think will be your biggest competition in Piosenka dla Europy ?

MM: Well it seems if Poland love its ballades and we guess Lidia is the big favourite. She also starts last in the competition which is a good place to be. But you never know :)

SQ: Well I will be rooting for you! What is Thomas G'son like to work with?

MM: Thomas is wonderful to work with - mostly because he believes in us and our concept, he's very easygoing and always gives you a big laugh - he's a kind and funny guy who doesn't take life to seriously.

SQ: What is your favourite Eurovision song and Melodifestivalen song?

MM: Well Fredrik has to say 'Shady Lady' of course. Niklas really loves Dima's 'Never let you go'

SQ: Fredrik wins! What does the future hold for Man Meadow?

MM: Hopefully a trip to Moscow! Otherwise we would love to travel and perform around Europe.

SQ: Thanks a million for the interview guys. We will be cheering for you on Saturday night and I hope to see you in Moscow!!

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