Thursday, February 5, 2009

Melodifestivalen 2 Days Away!!!

The excitement is almost too much!

Saturday sees Melodifestivalen 2009 kick off and rehearsals are proving very exciting in Gothenburg.

Alcazar's performance sounds fantastic, complete with neon microphones and great choreography!These guys deserve to be in the final. Congratulations to Andreas on his QX 'Gay of the Year' award which he won this week!

Many who watched all the artists perform thought that Nina was one of the big dark horses of this heat as her voice was very powerful and well delivered.

Others feel that The Scotts were not impressive but Marie's power pop number 'Disconnect Me' has a great chance!

I am very hopeful about this heat as I am a fan of all the acts (With Caroline being the exception!)

It I was forced to pick my qualifiers without hearing the songs, I would like the following results:

Globen: Alcazar and Marie

Andra Chansen: Jonathan and Shirley

Emilia seems like a strong contender aswell and may surprise many.


Jamie said...

I'm so excited about the return of Ms Clamp, i dont care if it's a ballad as long as it has a key change and a gay dance mix by soundfactory in the making!!!

Anonymous said...

If i would vote one vote for you who would it be on? Would be fun to know what the rest of europe think we should send to Russia.

Schlager Queen said...

I know I agree! We are easily pleased!

Vote Alcazar!!!

Joe said...

Can i add one solitary voice of appreciation for Caroline af Ugglas? :D

Schlager Queen said...


Melodimen said...

Bobby Ljunggren and Ingela 'Pling' wouldn't let us down with out a key change!

Good luck Shirley!

Anon - vote twice for Alcazar!

Anonymous said...

And I have voted for Alcazar they were best togheter with Nina, i think.

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I meant together

Melodimen said...

Awaiting the results!

What an interval act?!

Could've got Shirley to belt out Att älska dig instead - bless her!