Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hi All!

Apologies for the lack of posts this week, I have had no internet access and it is killing me!

What a great start to Melodifestivalen! The viewing and voting figures prove that the best National final of Eurovision season is stronger than ever.

I was thrilled Alcazar made it direkt and I will be delighted to see them in Globen on final night. It was a camp as knickers song with a great Serebro style part in the middle and I think 'Stay the Night' fits perfectly into Melodifestivalen!

In the end I was rooting for Marie to get the other spot even though I was disappointed with the song clip I was impressed by her performance on Saturday night.

Jonathan's song was lovely and I thought he did well but maybe it was more of a radio hit to pull in the votes.

I was glad Ms. Bengtzing didn't sing 'Jag tror på oss' as it would have been well below her standard.

Poor Shirley didn't but in her best performance due to illness but it was still a shocker that she came last!

Nina and Emilia both impressed me with their performances and Emilia seemed genuinely shocked and delighted that she had won a place in the final.

Now lets move on to Caroline!

I am not a fan of this song or artist and I was disappointed when the Jury selected her but glad Emilia got the remaining final place.

I am hoping she won't make it any further as I feel she would be forgotten at Eurovision.

I am very happy with the new format and I like the head to head and Jury vote announcement as it keeps the excitement throughout the show.

Despite criticisim from the Swedish press Petra seemed like a very accomplised host who was very capable and funny (from my limited Swedish!) Plus, I loved her constant outfit changes!

Elsewhere, I am thrilled Chiara will be belting it out for Malta. Even though most people are not fans of her 2009 entry I have a soft spot for it and even though it is unlikely to make the final I will be happy to see her back in Eurovision again!

Ireland should be announcing their songs at any moment and it is sounding promising from rumours! I will hopefully be attending the show on Friday 20th. It will be a 'Late Late Show Eurovision Special'!

This weekend sees another massive Eurovision night and we are keeping fingers crossed that Mans, Lilli+Susie and Amy all have great songs and qualify!

Plus it is the Polish National Final and I will be posting my interview with my favourites Man Meadow tomorrow!!


Micko said...

Welcome back SQ, missed ya x

Schlager Queen said...

@ Micko!
Thanks eircom is a bitch!! Hope you are enjoying the selections!

Len W said...

Yes, glad, you're back. I keep clicking on my bookmark for you and was glad to see your reactions to Göteborg.

I think the Swedes responded to the raw sincerity of Caroline in the same way they did last year to Suzzie Tepper. And she didn't ultimately pose any great threat in the MF final shakeout either. A bit surprised the esteemed international jury responded to "Snälla snälla snälla", it makes me quite interested to see what they will single out in the coming heats.

Chris said...

Alcazar were great but I'm still surprised that Shirley came last. As for Snalla Snalla, well, words fail me. Couldn't see any appeal in it at all.

Welcome back!

Schlager Queen said...

@Len W
Thanks a million. Yes I see your point and it is true she is no threat to the big players for Globen!

How are ya? Sorry you didnt make it to Malta. Go Alcazar!!