Thursday, August 27, 2009

The cities and dates for Melodifestivalen have been released!
Heat 1: 6 February 2010 Swedbank Arena, Örnsköl
Heat 2: 13 February2010 Göransson Arena, Sandviken.
Heat 3: 20 FebruarY 2010 Scandinavium, Göteborg.
Heat 4: 27 Februari 2010 Malmö Arena, Malmö.
Andra chansen: 6th March 2010 Conventum Arena, Örebro.

Final: 13 March 2010 Globen, Stockholm.

To celebrate check out Nanne's new single above!
Will she be in the line up?!

Tickets go on sale via Ticnet on the 19th of October

Monday, August 10, 2009

Everybody wants a bit of Johnny!

Recent rumours arose that Johnny Logan had been contacted by the French braodcaster to write an entry for France 2010.

In yesterday's Irish Times Johnny stated what Ireland need to do to be successful at Eurovision once more. He also said that he had been contacted by 3 different countries in relation to songwriting for Oslo!

Next year is the 30th anniversary of his first Eurovision win; of it he says, “it seems like yesterday”.

He is presently considering requests from three countries to write their Eurovision song. Despite what he regards as the prejudice of entering or even winning the contest, he accepts it “would be very hard to write a song for any other country except Ireland.”

As for Ireland’s Eurovision hopes, he thinks the wrong people are involved. “They’re like headless chickens – they know what result they want, but they don’t know how to get there. Successive Irish attempts at putting together the winning structure have put it into such a bad state that we’ve become a joke.

“The best chance Ireland has of winning it again is to take it seriously, and that means putting something into the Eurovision that has a chance of winning. And that requires the country being involved. What the Irish entry in the Eurovision has become is the property of a small group of people. It doesn’t belong to the country anymore, and that, ultimately, is the problem. In order for it to get back to some semblance of respectability, the song has to be representative of Ireland.

We have to prove ourselves again, and we can’t presume that just because we’re Irish that everybody loves us. Those days are gone.”

Would you like to see JL return to Eurovision?