Sunday, February 22, 2009

Molly and E.M.D. book a place in final!

Saturday brought us another 8 entries to the wonderful world of Melodifestivalen. Having listened to the snippets I was worried that some songs were not as strong as I had anticipated but the live show proved me wrong.

Velvet's performance was glamorous, camp and vwey well choreographed. Her dress which produced the backing dancers was magnificent and I liked the musical hooks in the song.

It was always going to be an outsider but I was hoping she would get a place in Andra Chansen but sadly it was a case of Deja Vu for poor Velvet.

Rigo+ Topaz Sound were next on stage. I liked the opening shot of the 60s style T.V. set. This Carribbean style sound wouldn't stand a chance and I was unimpressed and shocked when they won a place in AC!

Molly was next and looked beautiful and elegant. Her delivery of Så vill stjärnorna was simple and vocally strong and was a deserved winner of a final spot and so far is the only ballad in Globen which gives it a distinct advantage.

E.M.D.'s tuxedo styling had me wondering if it was all a bit complicated. The song itself didn't have as much of an impact as I had hoped for but it could certainly grow on me and was a predictable qualifier.

Mikael was dreadful and looked very grumpy during the whole night! I was appalled that he made top 5 but relived he didn't make the duel!

Maja Gullstrand provided us with a soft latin style song by Mr. G'son which i liked but failed to advance.

Sofia impressed me with Alla and the staging worked well. How cool were those transparent drums?! I was thrilled she received the jury vote and fingers crossed she will advance.

The minute it was announced that B.W.O. would sing a ballad fans were sceptical. Although not their strongest entry I was more impressed than I had expected to be. The vocals were consistent and the sabre lights and jump suits were funky! How awful though that they are drawn against Lili+Susie in Andra Chansen boo!

Only 1 semi left!

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Micko said...

I loved Sofia with 'Alla', although the title might be a bit extremist! Delighted she got the jury vote as i was beginning to wonder what affect the juries were ever likely to have. Don't think BWO were expecting AC despite their claims as they looked quite shocked when it was announced, bit of a Carola '08 moment there!