Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Will Malmo be the strongest heat of 2009?

This weekend sees one of the most anticipated Melodifestivalen heats take place in Malmo.

Maria+Anna, Agnes, Malena and Sarah Dawn Finer are all rumoured to hace cracking songs!

Postergirl has described Malena's 'La Voix' 'As a furious grandiose declaration of love set to the combination of pop and opera (and danceable), is, according to those who've heard it, going to send schlager fans into absolute meltdown...and maybe with the fact that Malena is (or at least was) planning a performance with what she describes as "good-looking broad-shouldered men" they'll have reason to be excited about more than just the song'

How exciting!

I am excited about 7 out of the 8 songs with Susanne being the exception. My heart wants Anna+Maria to go direkt 100% along with whoever is best from Agnes, Star Pilots, Malena and SDF!

Thorleifs could be a threat aswell!

Let's hope it is a great heat!

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