Monday, March 2, 2009

Malena to Moscow!

What an unforgettable end to the Melodifestivalen heats!
Saturday nights' Melodifestivalen was a stomper and it provided us with plety of fantastic songs and a good schlager boost!

The stand out performance for me was Malena!
‘La Voix’ was a powerful performance of an enchanting, engaging and strong song. Everything worked for me. Her cheeky smiles to the camers, the choreography, the use of the masks, her elegant dress. I was cheering for her all night and was thrilled when she made it into the duels and a little shokced when she beat Sarah Dawn Finer to a place in Globen!

She is a real contender for winning and I think this song and performance would have a lot of appeal at Eurovision.

Agnes had a ropey start but pulled it together. The first line of the song is strange it seems like she is speaking the line instead of singing? Her song is catchy and a real radio hit and I was happy she will be in the final complete with gold outfit!

It was Andra Chansen for Sarah Dawn Finer which I don’t think anyone was expecting. Although after Shirley in heat 1 anything is possible!
Her vocals were strong and the lift was impressive with a beautiful shot of the audience.
Not as blow away as some had prepared us for but with a 2nd chance and the jury backing her it is almost certain we will see her in the final

Star Pilots ‘Higher’ got the 2nd spot! I really like this song and though the staging was unusual with Johan to the side and the remaining ‘pilots’ effectively functioning as dancers! Great song in the same vain as ‘In the Heat of the night’/’Eye of the Tiger’!
I didn’t expect them to make it and I thought Thorleifs would have taken their place but I’m delighted!

Speaking of the Thorleifs.. You gotta love their danceband schalgerness! The song wouldn’t have made any impact on a Eurovision platform or in Globen for that matter but it was nice to sing along to!

Anna+ Maria who had both been to Eurovision before 2002 and 2008 sang ‘Killing me Tenderly’ which was a lovely song. Both are big fan favourites in the Eurovision world and like many I met Maria in La Scala at the preview party and she was one of the nicest people to chat to.

I always knew they would be risking when it came to voting and sadly we won’t be seeing the girls in Globen.

Susanne and Next 3 were very boring for me. Susanne looked like someone’s aunt who would carrying around a bad of boiled sweets and would drink a small sherry!
Well done to the lads from Next 3 for making it this far but I knew the song would fall flat as it is the token ‘alternative’ song that appears in nearly every heat but doesn’t win over the Swedish public.

So that makes it 8 in the final with 2 more to come from Andra Chansen and 1 jury selection. It is 11 days to the final!!!!


Micko said...

Love the countdown clock SQ !

Schlager Queen said...

Thanks I'm literally almost counting it in my head aswell!!

Ricky Reynolds said...

Cool blog! <3

Schlager Queen said...


Thanks a million

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