Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Ladbrokes have now made Caroline favourite at 2/1!!

Although Markoolio was also a favourite on this site a few months back and see what happened him!

I feel sick at the thought of 'Snalla Snalla' winning over the fantastic 'Stay the Night', 'La Voix' and 'Hope and Glory'!!

Don't let me down Sweden! It was bad enough she has a final place over the likes of the sisters and little Amy but the buzz around this song worries me.

Only 2 days to go before I make my 1st trip to Stockholm and I am unbelievably excited!


Chris said...

That'll be a "No" then!!

I must say I can't see the appeal of Snalla Snalla, but then I don't like La Voix either!!

Have a great weekend!

Micko said...

"Fortune favours the brave" or something like that, and as Sofia is the bravest of em all to get up on the MF Final stage on saturday without a huge public support, I'm backing her just cos she's the underdog but I like her tune too. If Snalla Snalla were to win, like you SQ, I'd be well peeved, i'd actually prefer HEAT to go forward than have to listen to her dribble

Anonymous said...

I don´t like Snälla Snälla either. I will vote on Molly, Alcazar, EMD, Sarah or Måns, I can´t decide. I hope you will enjoy Stockholm!