Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who is going to Globen?

This Saturday we will have our complete line up for Melodifestivalen 2009!

Andra Chansen takes place this weekend in Norrkoping with a great head to head competition that is always exciting and often surprising.

Will there be a Nanne 2007 and Androla 2008 shocker?!

Will one of them do a DQ 'Drama Queen' ?

So here are my thoughts:

BWO vs Lili+Susie

This will be close as both have a big fan base and I would love to see them both in Globen. I would pick the Finnish sisters for pure fun and that 'Gimme gimme gimme'! But who will the Swedes choose

Sarah Dawn Finer vs The Scotts

Despite The Scotts popularity due to their recent stint on Swedish t.v. I think Sarah is a definate winner of this duel and I think she deserves it over The Scotts as their song is pleasant but dull!

L+S vs SDF= Sarah Dawn Finer to Globen

I think SDF has this half of the duels sorted and will win the place in Globen but then again I had thought she would qualify direct from Malmo so who knows what could happen!

Caroline vs Rigo and the Topaz Sound

I wasn't happy that either of these got through to AC but if i had to choose one to move on it would be Rigo! 'Snalla Snalla' leaves me cold and I feel it is overrated but i think it will get more votes than Rigo and move on.

Amy Diamond vs Star Pilots

Now we are talking! What a great duel! I am happy with with either making it through as I love both songs but I think Amy will do it.

Caroline vs Amy= Caroline

Aas much as I would not want Caroline to get the place in the final I think she may do it but I will be rooting for Amy or Star Pilots from this half of the draw.

International Jury Vote

The only act that is not in Andra Chansen is Sofia with 'Alla' which could possibly give her an advantage? I was impressed with Sofia's performance and her Greek lyrics could help her with the jury.

What I think is that SDF and Caroline are popular with the jury but if they were to qualify through AC then maybe this will be a battle between Amy and Sofia!!
By the way who else is on this jury except for Bruno?!
What do you want to happen on Saturday?


Euro Sheep said...

Sadly...I'm not going to Globen! But I hope you have a great time over there!

My thoughts for Andra Chansen this weekend:

I want Lili & Susie to destroy all in their path and grab that well deserved ticket to Globen, 20 years after the fabulosity of "Okej, Okej"!

Then, I'm totally supporting Star Pilots. I don't want to see the monkey woman anywhere near Stockholm in a week's time, the same goes for the brat (I like her song, but now I've turned into one of the many malicious Eurofans that can't stand that JESC reject!)...Rigo 'n Crew have no hope in hell.

And finally, it just wouldn't be a final without Sarah Dawn's amazing ballad! I think it would be better for Lili & Susie to beat her in the duels so that she then gets the jury choice and saves us from the monkey woman and the brat's revenge.

Anonymous said...

I can´t see how Sarah would´nt qualify. But I´m worried sick about two things:
1. Scotts damn fanbase of retired people, who has lots and lots of money to throw at their beloved idols...
2. BWOs stupid and utterly boring song "You´re not alone" which has been played all week at the radio.
But if against all odds she does´nt qualify, she will be the international jurys favourite without any doubt.