Monday, May 26, 2008

Who does Terry Wogan think he is?

Terry is at his usual 'I may not do Eurovision next year', 'Eastern block voting has ruined everything' bit. However, what really made me laugh was that he seemed almost surprised that Andy Abraham came last! He was the person responsible for saving Andy and his dull song in Eurovision Your Decision so don't get all huffy now Terry. Michelle or The Revelations may not have won but they would have certainly scored higher than 'Even If'
What a liberty!


Micko said...

ahh Terry, as me ma used to say "Inside every little guy, there's a big guy trying to get out", if onlt that big guy was big enough to admit he made a mistake putting Andy 'yawn' Abraham through, the audience would certainly have remembered either the Revelations or Michelle Gayle when it came to voting

Schlagerprick said...

Let's hope he goes through with his threats!

Anonymous said...

Michelle Gayle (or The Revelations)wuz robbed !