Wednesday, May 14, 2008

That's why they call them rehearsals!

Iceland: Very strong rehearsal from Euroband. This has to qualify and not get the 'Kate Ryan' treatment.

Ireland: This is still very messy live. The camera work needs to be improved but definately stands out, plus his press conference was hilarious!

Poland: I love 'For Life' but I was worried having heard some very shaky performances from Isis since Piosenka Dla Europy but she nailed it during her 1st rehearsal delivering a strong vocal performance.

Russia: My views on this entry are well known. Dima is a big contender for victory but I feel like it is undeserved. However, after seeing his rehearsal it has risen in my ranking. Russia really wants to win and they have gone all out on getting their act across in the best possible way.

Switzerland and Slovenia were a disaster. Major work is needed on both as I want both to qualify. 'Molitva' didn't have a good 1st rehearsal so I'm staying hopeful!

Lithuania: Snoozefest...

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Aidan!
Welcome to the wonderful world of the euroblog, and congrats!
Stuck in Africa at the moment but cheering myself up with a few of Morena's finest and lots of Ms. Perrelli on the ipod! Will we be seeing you in Belgrade?