Monday, May 19, 2008

Prediction Time!

Ok, here goes:

10 I WANT to qualify

1. Netherlands- I'd be gutted if she doesn't qualify ala DQ/Edsilia but she is kicking ass at rehearsals Go Hind!

2. Andorra- Would be amazing to see lovely Gisela in the final as I love this song.

3. Armenia- Sirusho will have no problems qualifying.

4. Slovenia-looking a bit messy at the moment and it's not looking good for Rebeka.

5. Poland- Beautiful performance and I reckon Isis will get the jury vote.

6. Romania Engaging performance will pull in a lot of votes.

7. Greece- At times vocals are a bit sqeaky cat like though! This will qualify without difficulty.

8. Ireland- Not because it's my favourite song or anything but to have us represented on Saturday (albeit by a bird!) and I'd love to have Eurovision back in Dublin!

9. Belguim- Won't be a 'Sanomi' but would like to see it give it a shot!

10. Norway- I was never crazy about this entry but it has slightly grown on me and her performances are good.

Russia were in my 10 until today where they were edged out by Belguim. Dima will qualify if he came on and shouted abuse at everyone while isis's dress!!

The 10 I think WILL Qualify
1. Russia
2. Greece
3. Bosnia
4. Romania
5. Armenia
6. Poland
7. Azerbaijan(no no no but it will!Save those wings for the Olsen Brothers entrant next year!)
8. Ireland
9. Estonia
10. Slovenia/ Israel can't decide!But Israel makes me gag a bit!

No hopers: Moldova and San Marino. Is it bad to like Montenegro?

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Chris said...

I think you should have faith in Hind!! I've just placed a small bet that she will get through tonight. However, I do think your turkey might have cooked its goose!!