Friday, May 9, 2008

Interview with Morena Maltese entrant 2008!

Even though all our Eurovision stars are getting everything ready for Eurovision week Morena has given Schlager Queen an interview before she vodkas off to Belgrade.

Schlager Queen
: Hi Morena How are you? How are plans for Belgrade going?

Morena: Hi Aidan.Plans are okay. Very, very busy right now. Meeting my VODKA men this weekend and we will go through the routine etc! ooh, I am excited!

SQ: So am I! These men sound exciting!! So, Morena what makes you Vodka?

Morena: You know what... a great audience..cheering and shouting! Boy! that makes me VODKA VODKA endlessly! I have been to the preview party in London, and it was fantastic. I hope to hear all the fans VODKA with me. If I win, I really would love to have them on stage with me! I know, it has never been done.. but this VODKA girl wants to break rules!

SQ: I reckon there would be many volunteers to VODKA on stage with you! What kind of eurovision would Valletta give us?

Morena: Valletta would give you a spectacular Eurovision full of sun and blue! It is high time Eurovision pops down to the south, and boy oh boy! we will do something everybody will go crazy for! Mega fabulous!

SQ: It sounds fabulous! It is about time Eurovision came to Malta. What makes a winning eurovision entry?

Morena: Something special...combined with:
A good voice, a good song, a memorable tune, and something that is special. Ruslana was special. Sertab was special. Dana was special. Lordi were special. It's a mix!

SQ: Don't forget the key change and some glitter, lasers etc! What is your favourite Maltese entrant at Eurovision and overall favourite at Eurovision?

Morena: I love Lordi and Dana... and as for Malta... Loved Ira Losco, and the glitter!

SQ: Ira was amazing and deserved to win. '7th Wonder' was very popular at La Scala. The glitter helped aswell! What are your favourite entries from Eurovision 2008?

Morena: I like some, but have not heard them all yet! But Poland is nice, and the UK is really cool. I need to hear some more though...

SQ: You need to listen to Sweden, Ukraine, Ukraine, Armenia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Andorra, Denmark,Hungary, Germany and Slovenia!! If you have time lol!
Thanks so much morena wishing u all the luck in the world:)

Morena: Thanks Aidan! Hope to see you in serbia! If not.... hope you will doing the VODKA VODKA with me on the 22nd anyway! xxx


Melodimen said...

Good to see Schlager Queen's recommendations!

We know Malta like UK entries, but... Morena might've had too much Vodka surely!

Chris said...

Despite the fact that we didn't meet her...doh!...I've read and heard a few interviews with Morena and she seems to be so thoroughly utterly nice and lovely! I'd love the contest to go to Malta, and why not this year!!!!

Schlagerprick said...

It wold be nice to see Malta go all the way one year - but from a totally selfish point of view, we've already had her in London... I want someone else at the winner's party! :P

Micko said...

The only thing 'cool' about the UK entry is the weather!! But yes, I'd like Eurovision to go south too as I wouldn't mind going south on a few Maltese myself !!