Monday, May 5, 2008

Eurovision party La Scala London!

Well last Friday the 25th of April was the Eurovision party in La Scala in London. What an amazing night!
It really was so special to have so many people with such a shared love of
Eurovision in the same room. I met loads of great people and danced 'all night
long' as Simon Matthew would say! I was also very lucky to meet loads of
Eurovision stars. Marie-Norway 2008, Isis-Poland 2008, Morena-Malta 2008,
Fredrik-Iceland 2008, Ruslan-Belarus 2008,Paul Oscar-Iceland 1997, Alf
Poier- Austria 2003, Russ from Scooch-U.K. 2007. Morena was so lovely we
chatted for ages. She seemed so happy to there and genuinely interested in
meeting all the fans.
I also met loads of new people including those well known bloggers melodiman
Mark, Tim, Chig, Eurotastic Alex , Barry V esctoday and organiser! etc ! You
can check out my photos from the night on my page. It was totally surreal to be
in ths same room as Dame Nanne Gronvall. She was so tiny and adorable and
belted it out for 'Men','Avundsjuk' and the amazing 'Hall on Mig'!! Bucks Fizz
were great, Ani and Eurobandid stole the show paricularly because Eurobandid
did a medley of eurovision hits including 'Oh ah kust a little bit' and 'Number
One'. Isis was mellow but stronger than I had seen her perform at the Polish final
but I hope it is strong on May 20th because this is a beautiful song . Ruslan
surprised me in a good way and the song is growing on me as a result. Romania
were good but Bosnia was a bit of a yawn after such exciting performances.
Maybe if he had the chicken it may have been better! Although I don't think it
was safe with us lot around! Dustin was booed as was Andy but I was at the
bar for that bit lol! (Wouldnt have happened if it was Donal or The
After the performances the outstanding DJ Dave Simmons helped us enjoy the
night with a fab mix of schlager/eurovision hits. As I walked through the door i
knew we were in for a great night when I heard Ira Losco's 7th Wonder
playing! 'Hero' got a great reaction as you can imagine and I was waving my
Swedish flag for any Svenska related music that came our way!
Thanks to all who made the night so amazing. I can't wait to see you all again. Congratulations and thanks to all who organised such an outstanding night with little time.
Until next time,
hugs from Aid aka The Schlager Queen!:)


Chris said...

I was definitely the only person there who didn't meet a star!!!

It was a great night though, and I hope it becomes an annual event!

Micko said...

Hi Aidan,

Great to meet you @ La Scala, wow, what a night, still tingling from meeting all the stars. Really great to meet you, you're a lovely, intelligent and energetic guy.

Micko x