Monday, May 5, 2008

Eurovision 2008 Song Reviews PART 2

Azerbaijian: The furry wings are the only positive thing about this awful screechy piece of noise!will probably qualify but i may have to throw up if it does!

Andorra: Gisela has a great entry but could suffer because she follows Dustin. I do think it needs a big key change to help it qualify. Unfortunately I cant see it qualifying:(

Belguim: I like this! has more of a hook than their other imaginary language song in 2003. The chorus has the feel good factor!difficult to tell how this will be received.

Bosnia: Is it a piece of conceptaul art or is it a crazy guy with a chicken?! Either way i dont mind it, its no winner but is different to others this year and if live performance is crazy enough will probably pull in a lot of votes. top 12 i reckon.

Armenia: Definately a big contender for victory this year Qele Qele is catchy, funky, has a great mix of musical styles. Sirusho will give her performance a lot of energy. Top 5.

Belarus: Ok even though everyone thinks the original version was better I think the rockier version improves it a bit. I thought live Ruslan was very static and stiff and would need to make big improvements for May. Everytime i think of the lyrics i think of Olexandr 2003 for Belarus which was catchier to say the least!

Sweden: A fabulous schlager entry for Sweden this year! This is what Sweden does best. Charlotte’s performance is very strong and makes a big impact. The diamante microphone, rotating camera, lasers and use of light all add to the impact of this catchy song. She may have not got a great position in running order but I would be shocked if she didn’t qualify. A deserved winner in my opinion.

Poland: Isis Gee’s unique voice stood out when I heard all the entries for Piosenka dla Europy. This is definately the Shiri of 2008 and it a beautiful song. Isis needs to put a bit of work into her live performance but when its tight this song could make a big impact. Isis deserves a top 3 position in my opinion.

France: I was very impressed that France gave us something different this year. Sebastian Tellier has divided opinion. I like the electro vibe in this song. My worry is that live it could be forgotten. The performance will have to have a big impact and hook with the audience or else France could suffer again. A 19th place in running order is to their advantage aswell.

Spain: Where to start?! This entry makes me angry! First of all I felt Spain had some amazing entries in their myspace selection inc Mayte, La Casa Azul, Coral etc.. and any of these would have been great entries for Belgrade. This entry is not funny, It does not have the comic value that Verka had and the hystria that surrounds it worries me. As much as I would love if we were off to Madrid/Barcelona next year I would be gutted if this won or even came close!!

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