Saturday, May 24, 2008

Välkommen Europe!

Well, finally May 24th has arrived and Schlagerqueen is ready for lift off! Ok, my ramblings on tonights grand final are as follows:

My ideal winners:
1. Sweden
2. Iceland
3. Ukraine
4. Poland

I would be still delighted with
1. Denmark
2. Portugal
3. Norway

I would be well pissed off with
1. Spain
2. Azerbaijan
3. Georgia

Who i think will win: Russia or Ukraine
Who will be last: U.K./Germany (Unfortunately)

Rumours abound about who the jury saved on Thursday night and Keith at AKOE ha heard it was Sweden! Wwhich means she needs as many votes as our little schlager fingers can type tonight! I reckon the jury may have saved Albania or Denmark.
Countries that could cause an upset tonight? Maybe Bosnia/Croatia/ Israel/ Latvia. In particular Latvia could be an extreme winner/loser when it comes to the voting. Armenia has dropped its chances of victory I think with a shaky vocal performance on Tuesday. You cannot rule out Greece either considering their great position in the running order. My head is gonna explode!
I am hoping for a great night of Eurovision and this excitement is what we love about this special night. I hope for a deserved winner and great show and exciting voting! Have a great night everyone!
Go Charlotte we love you! Begins practising head rolls..

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Jamie said...

I so hope that rumour isn't true although it wouldn't be the first time La Perrelli was saved by jurors rather than a televote ;-)