Monday, May 5, 2008

Eurovision 2008 Song Reviews

Ukraine: This shady lady has everything I want in a Eurovision winner. Its very catchy and her live performance is amazing (as seen in the Russian final). No question it will qualify and is a winner or at least top 3. I love it!!

San Marino: I was disappointed with this entry as I was expecting something stronger maybe an Italian ballad? Forgettable and will struggle to get points in my opinion.

Germany: No Angels were my favs from this National final and I was delighted they won. They need to watch their vocals and the poor draw also holds them back but its still one of my favourites but will unlikely pose any threat at top spot unfortunately.

Lithuania :Drivel! Really surprised this won for Lithuania. It pains me to listen to it bad bad bad.

Norway: I dont get what everyone loves about this. Its ok but in no way a winner. Even it isnt a popular opinion King of Trolls would have gotten Norway a good place. I dont see this qualifying.

Slovenia: A great entry from Slovenia fabulous performer and catchy song. Hopefully Rebeka will bring Slovenia a good score.

Croatia: I really didnt want this to win for Croatia and it baffles me as to why Croatia keep sending completely inadequate entries. No chance.

Bulgaria: Rising in popularity but needs a big improvement live to repeat success of last years entry.

Estonia:Ice cold story or 365 days could have represented Estonia.. need I say more!please say it has no chance of qualifying.

Greece: Kalomira borrows elements of Helena Paparizou’s performance circa 2005. A great position in the draw will guarantee a final place but I dont feel like its a deserved winner. Will be top 6 though I think.

Denmark: Simon is sexy has a great song and I would be happy to be off to Copenhagen next year but its unlikely. Hopefully like in 2005 it will surprise people and qualify.

Hungary: Could this be the dark horse of 2008? i really like it and hope it does well. Maybe a mix of hungarian and english would be a good option though.

Finland: Finland need to get over the rock thing! I dont feel this works and will be overshadowed by Turkey.

Ireland:Ok here goes.. Disappointed on the night that Dustin won as Donal or Leona were big favs of mine. As time goes on I obviously through my support behing my own country and would love the contest to be back in Dublin. The impact Dustin’s win would have would worry me and the ramifications for 2009 inc credible artists being discouraged from entering would be the main one. It will qualify. who knows how Europe will take this. The opening needs to be changed its a disaster. It is difficult to understand him particularly if your not from Ireland or Dublin! The stage act looked too busy and a bit tacky but it will be interesting to see what changes will be made to it for May. It also looks like Spain responded well to Dustin when he was there this week.

Latvia: My favourite from their selection. The male vocals are poor but I like this song and even though it is probably classed as a comedy which i normally despise this works and could do well.

Czech Rep:Again Tereza was my favourite from their selection. Difficult to say what kind of votes czech rep will get as they only have one other appearance to judge from (which was pretty dismal!) I would like this to do well and at least get top 10. Great radio song and that needs to be transmitted live in Belgrade.

Russia: Dima’s entry in 2006 was stronger but he has a massive chance at winning the whole lot due to his popularity in Eastern Europe. Great position in running order even though he didnt need it. Not in my top 5 but still its good. Get that boy a razor though!

Serbia: Oro will do really well. Powerful and makes a big impact.

Romania A song that has grown on me and will score very well. Its no Dr. Frankenstein but i like it nonetheless! Romania is back on form.

Portugal: Probably Portugal’s best chance of qualifying in a long time particularly considering how close Sabrina got last year. It would be lovely to see them in the final but I dont think its that memorable.

Turkey: It has grown on me but a bit middle of the road for me.

Switzerland: I LOVE this! paolo is a great performer and I think this will get the jury vote in semi 2.This is a feel good song for me and it would be amazing if this won. Beautiful.

Malta :Morena is hoping to hear the hurt from Vertigo last year and the title may appeal to Russian voters;) I like it and would happily see this in the final. Needs a big strong show though in semi.

FYR Macedonia: Forgettable but FYR Macedonia could sing the phone book and qualify poor place though in final I think.


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