Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Romanian Songs Online!!

18 of the reported 168 songs submitted to TVR for Romania's selection have been released on the web.
As in 2008 Romania has provided a diverse and varied selection of songs.
Romania is one of the few countries to have appeared in the last seven Eurovision finals and with two Top 5 finishes in that time.

One group has caught my attention 'Cats loves Dogs' a popular pop/electro group who have two songs in the selection. Check out 'One Music' and 'Yes my Lord' on their myspace here.

Another song that I think will prove to be popular is Marko & Bogdan Mihai - Desert rain

I also like the simple pop/rock song Don't Cry by Crazy Win.

Check out the 18 songs here.
Romania selects on January 31st using both jury and televote to select their entry.

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Anonymous said...

There are some Romanian songs that really must be listened , but in my humble opinion there is one who really makes me proud to be Romanian. Is Desert Rain sung by Marko and Mihai. Congratulations for the masterpiece and i hope you win!