Monday, December 8, 2008

Oh I'm loving this rumour....

Some wonderful news for your Monday!
Swedish media has been reporting that Maria Haukaas Storeng will duet wi
th Anna Sahlene at Melodifestivalen 2009!!
The two fabulous divas are rumoured to s
ing 'Killing me Tenderly'.
Both have had considerable success at Eurovision with Anna placing 3rd for Estonia in 2002 with 'Runaway' and more recently Maria placed a very commendable 5th this year for Norway with 'Hold on be Strong'
SVT will reveal all tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

And Finally this is true!!!!!!!!!! Maria & Sahlene!!!!!in MF2009!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Anna back again in Melodifestivalen. I love her song "Runaway".
I just found this blogg on esctoday. I can see that you like melodifestivalen and that you are from Ireland. My dream is to visit Ireland some day. I love music from Ireland especially Westlife.

Greetings from Sweden

Schlager Queen said...

@anonymous Thanks for your comments. Yes I adore Melodifestivalen and I will be making my first trip TO Stockholm in March for the final!! Hope you get to visit Ireland sometime:)

Micko said...

An ABBA/Tina turner mix....interesting choice

Anonymous said...

I hope you will have a nice stay in Stockholm! Have a good time at the MF final! Someday i will go to Ireland thats for sure :)

Merry Christmas!