Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Are you ready?! U.K. kicks off its selection this Saturday!

Hi all!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are all set for the New Year.

This weekend sees the Eurovision train going full speed ahead. On Saturday 3rd Eurovision: Your Country Needs You begins at 7pm on BBC1.

Speaking to the British media newspaper, the Daily Mail: Lloyd Webber has said that among the finalists are 'a really talented close harmony group, two wonderful-looking black guys, a couple of really good girl singers and sweet girl twins from Sheffield'.

Each week one act will be eliminated until the final on January 31st.

This Saturday will see all acts tested with a Eurovision-style task! Love it! How to handle the full force of a wind machine? How to look happy when you are at the bottom of the scoreboard? How to avoid the 'Carola Andra Chansen shock disgust face'!

Week 2 sees them dealing with Eurovision gimmicks!

Surely Bucks Fizz will be on hand for skirt ripping routines and Lena Ph will be flown in to give Microphone acrobatic lessons!


Micko said...

Excellent! Can't wait, should be a pretty good outing with Sir Lloyd Webber involved....ahh the gays

Schlager Queen said...

@Micko that banner advert is pretty gay alright!lol! Looking forward to it!!