Friday, December 5, 2008

Melodifestivalen Queens!

This week's announcement of participants for Melodifestivalen certainly took the sting out of certain Rigo with 'rap with a 60's Carribbean hip hop touch'!

The divas are in!

Velvet is back with 'The Queen'. This is her 3rd Melodifestivalen appearance following on from her wonderful 'Deja Vu' this year. The song is penned by Tony Nilsson who wrote Ola's 'S.O.S.,' 'Natalie, 'Love in Stereo' and and Elin Lanto's 'Discotheque'. It is described as an up tempo song with attitude!!

Agnes will sing 'Love, Love, Love'. I am quite excited about this one. I am loving Agnes's new album and hoping that this disco pop number will make a big impact.

The wonderful Shirley Clamp returns! The performer of schlager classics such as 'Att älska dig', 'Min kärlek' and 'Mr. Memory' will perform "Med hjärtat fyllt av ljus" penned by writing royalty Ingela Pling Forsman, Bobby Ljunggren and Henrik Wikström. Despite rumours this was a ballad Shirley has described it as a powerful mid tempo song. This is good news! I was worried about a ballad invasion this year so I'll settle for mid tempo!

Sofia Berntsson fiawill sing 'Alla'. Sofia sang 'Hypnotized' in Melodifestivalen 2007 and will return with a Greek rock/pop song. For some reason 'Pame' keeps coming into my head when I hear this title!

Lili+Susie!!!! The duo will sing 'Show me Heaven' which was co written by Lord G'Son! It is described as 80's nostalgia, love it!

Amy Diamond is back and will belt out 'It's My Life' the song written by Mr. Bard and Bobby L. I was surprised to see Amy back so soon after 'Thank You'. I had mixed feelings about her 2008. I liked the studio version but I felt her performance was a bit juvenile and wheezy! However, her 2009 entry is described as electro and dance song with attitude!! This sounds like one I will love!! Go Amy!!

Mans's missus Marie Serneholt is the 3rd wildcard and I'm thrilled! I fell in love with her when I hears 'I Need a House' (Which is on Same Difference's album!) and I am looking forward to hearing 'Disconnect Me'!

Only 1 wildcard left!!


Joe said...

Based on her current popularity, Agnes must be the avourite so far, I would have thought...

Schlager Queen said...

@Joe yes she is v popular at the moment. I reckon Love, Love, Love will be popular.