Friday, November 21, 2008

Wildcards, Strippers and Disqualifications!!

Christer Bjorkman has told Expressen that the final 3 wildcards places in Melodifestivalen will be between Darin, Marie Serneholt, Lutricia McNeal and Orup!

Lutricia's biggest hit records so far were 'Ain't That Just the Way' in 1997 (UK: #5, Germany: #5, Sweden: #1), which sold 2 million copies worldwide, 'Stranded' (UK: #3, Sweden: #6) and 'Someone Loves You Honey' (UK: #9).

I am surprised Orup is in the mix without Lena Ph! Unless they are throwing us off the scent!
Although Lena had earlier said she would definately not enter Melodifestivalen many rumours have suggested otherwise.

Marie would be a great addition and she could end up competing against her boyfriend Mans! Plus her song 'I Need a House' which I featured on this blog a few months back is being covered by Same Difference on their new album! Same Difference are due to appear on X Factor this Saturday!

Darin(see above) was a runner up in Swedish Idol 2004 has had 3 number 1 albums in Sweden and is due to release his fourth album 'Flashback' on December 3rd!

Markoolio has also promised strippers on stage for his 'ballad with a twist'! Ok then!!

Lasse Stefanz's song 'Den första kyssen' may face disqualification as he has decided not to sing the song but did so on the demo! More room for someone much more fabulous!

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I need a house too