Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who will fly the Irish flag in Moscow?

After 155 votes the readers of Schlagerqueen have voted on who they want to represent Ireland at Eurovision 2009.
And the winner is:

Donal Skehan an avid Eurovision fan performed 'Double Cross my Heart' at Eurosong 2008 but faced a tough battle in the form of a certain Turkey!

In 2nd place are Dundalk family The Corrs:

In joint 3rd place are Leona Daly:

who sang the beautiful 'Not Crazy after All' which will represent Ireland at the OGAE Second Chance Contest.

and Samantha Mumba!

In 4th place were the fabulous Schlagerboys!

Finally, in 5th place is Eurovision legend Linda Martin:

At the bottom of the list with 0 votes were:

Clannad and The Chieftains!! It says it all really!


BlikAtik said...

Ah Donal, back to the ould good mood food blog eh

Anonymous said...

wow cool wonder will corrs ever send a song???

Chig said...

Looks like not many of your readers watched the Irish final with the volume up last year. Bless his little cotton socks for being extremely cute, but Donal was hopelessly out of tune. An unmitigated disaster awaits if Ireland ever chooses him...