Friday, November 28, 2008

No Melodifestivalen for Linda?

I was gutted to learn that Linda Bengtzing will not perform 'Jag Tror På Oss' which has been offerred by Christer to The Scotts the group that are favourites to win Dancebandkampen. I had a feeling it was too good to be true that Linda would return in 2009 but when I heard that she recorded the demo I nearly passed out!

I wonder is there any chance she could still appear in the remaining acts to be announced?

I was surprised to learn that Malena Ernman was announced as 2nd wildcard for Melodifestivalen. Her quirky opera style will definately add a twist to this years contest.

Could she be the Alenka Gotar of 2009? Who could be the final 2 wildcards? Rumours are totally throwing us off this year!

Who could be the final two wildcards? Opera check, Comedy rap done. What could be next?!

I am happy to see Jonathan Fagerlund on the list. I have been a fan of his for a while and I am looking forward to seeing him perform ' Welcome To My Life'. Check out his single 'Dance in the Shadows' here.

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