Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Moscow Pride and Eurovision!

Moscow Pride has been scheduled to take place on the same day as the final of Eurovision 2009.

With a large group of gayers descending on the city that weekend it has promted a lot of discussion in relation to safety of these visitors.

Sergei Ananov, the deputy head of the Moscow committee on tourism, said at a press briefing at the World Travel Market 2008 in London:

'Moscow is known for the respect of people of different religious beliefs as well as expressions of their nature.'

However The Mayor of Moscow has called gay rights activists "Satanic" and banned Pride in 2006 and 2007!

The Organizer of Moscow Pride, Nikolai Alekseev, described today’s statement by Mr. Ananov as 'pure hypocrisy'

What do you think?


Joe said...

Like this wasn't on the cards from the moment Dima was announced the winner.

Chig said...

The timing seems very sensible to me. If anyone tries to disrupt it while it's on, it will be in the full glare of Europe's media. I wish them good luck. (I'm also slightly regretting my decision not to go, but then I remind myself how expensive it would be.)