Wednesday, November 19, 2008

8 artists for Melodifestivalen announced!

SVT have announced the names of 8 artists for Melodifestivalen and they were no surprise.

Alcazar will perform 'Stay the Night' a party song with unusual harmonies!

Mans will perform 'Hope and Glory' which has been described as a typical Mans song that everyone will remember after the first listen!! fantastic!

BWO will perform the BALLAD 'You're not alone'! or as SVT describe it a 'dramatic electro gospel ballad'! Very interesting!

Caroline of Ugglas will perform 'Snalla Snalla' which has been described as a typical Caroline track (i.e. a little weird!)

The girl who had a major hit with 'Big Big World' Emilia will perform 'You're my World'

Jennifer Brown has joined forces with Peter Kvint (Writer for Andreas Johnson and co writer of 'One Love') to sing 'Never been here before' This has been described as a soul ballad.

Sarah Dawn Finer will sing a big ballad 'Moving On'

and finally Lasse Lindh will sing 'Jag Slass I Dina Kvarter!
I was unimpressed with Lasse's 2008 entry in Melodifestivalen and was surprised to see him make the final cut this year but SVT have described his song for 2009 as 'A song to dance to' so maybe I'll give him another chance!


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BlikAtik said...

BWO playing a ballad! now that's entertainment