Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sinead and Jade on TV!

Eurovision hopeful Sinead Mulvey will be appearing on The Late Late Show on Friday night at 9.30pm. She will be performing followed by a short interview. This will be the first time we will see what outfits Sinead and Black Daisy are wearing for Moscow and it sounds promising!
If you miss it or you are outside Ireland check it out here.
The foursome will then be playing at The George Nightclub after the show.

Sinead has also signed a recording contract with Sony.

'Et Cetera' will be in the shops on Friday!

Meanwhile Jade will be sharing the couch with Andrew Llyod Webber on The Jonathan Ross show on BBC1.
What a great night’s television!


Schlagerboys said...

Looking forward to Jonathan Ross tonight! Next stop Birmingham 2010!!

Micko said...

Bought my Et Cetera CD already today !!