Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Interview with Alexander Rybak!

It is time to interview the red hot favourite to win the 2009 Eurovision. The wonderful Alexander Rybak!

SQ: Hi Alexander!

AR: Hi Aidan.

SQ: How does it feel to win MGP 2009 with such a high margin over the other artists and knowing that your song is so well received by everyone?

AR: I am very thankful, of course. But then I have also worked really hard to find a concept that fits the Eurovision formula. And to be honest, I was reaching for the international finals right from the start, so therefore it is a great relief for me that the Norwegian people found my song national as well. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

SQ: This is your first time you participated in MGP right? Why now?

AR: First of all, my song was written “accidently” last summer, when I was standing on top of a beautiful mountain playing violin. Suddenly a melody came, and I thought to my self that this is by far the grandest melody I have ever written. This had to be in Melodi Grand Prix. And when I found out about the finals being in Moscow, there was no longer any doubt.

SQ: How did it actually all started for you? How did you end up in music?

AR: Actually, I don`t remember so much of how I “started”, other than my mother and father pushing me a bit when I was five years old, making me practice violin every day. First when I became a teenager, I began to understand how lucky and talented I was. The kids at school didn´t think of it that way though, and I got bullied around. Therefore I soon started to play other genres than classic, trying to “fit in” with the kids. And at the age of 17 I started singing, trying to impress the girls. Some years later, I started to blend all the genres I played, and stuff like “Fairytale” started to unfold.

SQ: What do you like the most about being an artist?

AR: Playing the songs I like the most in front of a great audience is priceless, especially if they don’t throw tomatoes at you. And soon I will get a chance to tell a bunch of new fairytales to my sweet fans.

SQ: What do you like to do to relax?

AR: Playing videogames! My favourites are Mario Galaxy and Twilight Princess for Nintendo, and GTA 4 for X-box. By the way, one of my biggest dreams is to contribute to a new videogame.

SQ: What kind of music do you like to listen to?

AR: I like to draw inspiration from music that is very far away from my own. That way I can widen my musical horizon. I can never get enough of boys like Sting, Andrea Boccelli, and Michael Jackson. They all have a concept that is rock hard, and that is undeniable.

SQ: “Fairytale” is the favourite win Eurovision. How do you feel about that?

AR: That is pretty scary, although it´s nice for Norway to be “pre-favourites” for once. Frankly, I try not to think about it.

SQ: Do you think participating at Eurovision will make a big impact on your career?

AR: At the moment, Eurovision IS my career, and I love it. But I am preparing myself for the worst; that is namely being forgotten. But even if people will grow tired of me, I will still have a memory for life.

SQ: Could you tell us what we can expect from you in the upcoming months? Will you do a promo tour ?Will there be an album?

AR: I am recording my new album now, and there will be a promo tour for the release. My management and I are discussing it these days. This summer I will tour and play a lot tighter with Frikar, the dancers from Eurovision.

SQ: What do you think of the new Eurovision rule where in the final the voting will be decided by jury and public this year?

AR: Very wise! If it is in my favour, remains to be seen.

SQ: Thanks a million Alexander. The best of luck for Moscow. See you there!

AR: Thanks Schlagerqueen!


northbuckschris said...

Fantastic interview! He sounds very determined and shrewd. I really wish him well for the night. I'm sure his big fear of being forgotten will not happen.

Cheers! Good one!!!

Schlagerboys said...

If not a UK win, then fingers crossed for a Norwegian or Maltese win in Moscow!

Len W said...

Out of context "pull quote" of the day. "I can never get enough of boys ... They all have a c*** that is rock hard..." Alexander Rybak, Norway ESC entry

Emma Sawyer x said...

love him (: sounds determined and looks like he loves what he's doing, i'm sure he made Norway proud in ESC. I say screw the idiots who bullied him, where are they now huh, shoot for the moon alex, you deserve everything you get honey