Sunday, April 5, 2009

Counting Down the Days!

Eurovision 2009 is only 40 days away!

On Saturday night I attended my first preview party of 2009 and as always there were mixed views!

The results were:

12: Ireland

10: UK

8: Sweden

7: Norway

6: Netherlands

5: Portugal

4: Malta

3: Andorra

2: Hungary

1: Finland

A wonderful result and I would be delighted if any of those countries took the prize!

These were followed closely by Turkey, Spain and Poland!

Bringing up the rear were Czech Rep, Ukraine and last were Serbia.

Switzerland proved popular along with Slovenia and Slovakia all getting positive comments.

This time of the year is always exciting. All the songs are selected, tours are ongoing, official videos are released, performance details are leaked and the excitement is building.

This year has something for everyone and I feel very positive that 2009 will be a great year for Eurovision. There is no obvious winner and the impact of 50/50 voting will hopefully provide us with a close finish.

Despite our bias Ireland's entry was loved by all at the preview party. For some reason it is not proving popular in other online polls and it certainly is an underdog with many feeling qualification will be a struggle.

I am hoping the 2nd position in the running order will help Sinead and Black Daisy particularly coming after Croatia. Both Sweden and Israel qualified from that position last year.

I have a great sense of pride in our entry this year which is quiet different from my feelings about Dustin!

I have no doubt all of the girls will put in a stellar performance.

I think the song deserves a final place and fingers crossed we will see Ireland come out of an envelope on May 14th.
Vote for Ireland!!

I am all booked to fly out to Moscow on Friday morning for the final. Our accomodation is sorted, accreditation done, (visa ongoing!).


Tim said...

Cool top 12. Good to see your loyalty to your entry! Glad to see jade do so well too :) and the toppers! :))

Shame on you all for having the Ukraine's wonderful Svetlana towards the bottom! :O


Tim said...

Of course I meant top 10! LOL x

Schlager Queen said...

Ya its a pretty cool top 10. Svetlana divided opinion was a bit marmite like!

Markus Gisslén said...

It´ll be very exciting this year!

My points are:

12 - Norway
10 - Greece
8 - Sweden
7 - Bosnia
6 - Spain
5 - Estonia
4 - Ukraine
3 - Iceland
2 - Albania
1 - Azerbajdzjan

See my blog for results from voting. Martin from is one of 5 whot graded ESC 2009.

Micko said...

Totally agree with ya SQ, when you hear et Cetera in sequence with all other entries, it really does stand out in terms of tempo and vibrancy and I can't understand either why it gets such a bad position in both polls and people's minds! I for one will be air guitaring with my broom on semi final night for what will be a great performance from Sinead, she has a really good stage presence and energy and i was lucky enough to see her qualify in RTE, Go Sinead!!

Schlagerboys said...

Has Ireland got a key change this year? Can't be bothered to listen to the whole three minutes to find out - too many guitars! xx

Schlager Queen said...

@ schlagerboys
'Et Cetera' if fabulous! You will love it in Amsterdam!

Schlagerboys said...

We said "Hi!" to Sinead and Black Daisy in Amsterdam. They looked quite scary!