Sunday, January 18, 2009

Your Country Needs You to sing in tune!

'Charl-Lot' finally got her marching orders last night and her face looked like a slapped arse when the Lord chose her over The Emperors!
Charlotte was painful to listen to and looked so awkward on stage.

I thought last nights performances were poor. I was really looking forward to Jade singing a ballad but she was vocally off and nervous particularly in the first half of the song.
I still love her though!
It will be interesting to see what kind of a song she is given but so far the strutting dancing diva seems to suit better.
It is certainly clear that her only competition at this stage is Mark who has a little Mans about him!

It is very exciting to have Diane Warren on board and I have no doubt the quality of the song will be very high. Let's hope next week shows an improvement.

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Len W said...

I agree that Mark is Jade's only competition. I wish he had a bit more of Måns' singing voice, since he can't seem to get rid of the theatre queen tone in his vocals. "Me and Mrs. Jones", really? It was more like "I am Mrs. Jones"!