Sunday, January 4, 2009

Will it be London 2010?

Last night saw the BBC try and save the United Kingdom from the run of disappointing results that culminated in last place for Andy in 2008.
'Your Country Needs You' saw Andrew and Graham embark on a quest to figure out what exactly is going wrong with the U.K. entry and try to find a solution to this problem.
The show was entertaining to watch and the chemistry between Andrew and Graham worked very well. I was impressed at the developments that the BBC took in order to gain a little self promotion amongst many Eastern European countries and I certainly got the impression that although presented in a light hearted manner Andrew and his team approached this task with the gravity and importance it deserved.
This was made very clear when Andrew returned from his trip and came to a realisation that many Eastern countries treat the U.K. with contempt for how they approach Eurovision.
Then it was on to selecting the six acts to make it through to the live shows. Among those who we saw were Dutch group Bearforce 1 who had expressed an interest in representing The Netherlands at Eurovision. However, Andrew and Colin Barlow dismissed them immediately!
Also in one of the V.T's I noticed Kamel from Big Brother 6. Kamel is a big fan of all things Eurovision and has wanted to enter for Turkey in the past.
Many of the acts were of a high standard but no one act stood out from the beginning. I thought the stunning Rita would have been a good finalist but she chose to turn down the offer and blonde haired Victor who sang 'Love Changes Everything' proved to be one of the stronger male vocals.
The six finalist who were revealed:
1. Damien
He's currently a resident singer at Ruby Blues and Players in Charing Cross.
This year he has also been a backing vocalist for Tom Jones appearing on Jools Holland, Strictly and ITV1's 'Here come the Boys'. Plus Damien used to live with Celebrity Hair Stylist, Nicky Clarke. so his hair will always be perfect!
2. The Twins aka Francine and Nicola
The girls who made it to X Factor boot camp this year grabbed my attention from the beginning. On paper this kind of group doesn't prove very successful at Eurovision but time will tell. They certainly want to give it their all but will need to keep their emotions in check to last the pace.
3. Charlotte
The youngest competitor Charlotte from Harlow in Essex Graduated from the Sylvia Young school in 2007. I was disappointed she made the final six as I felt her vocals were weak and out of tune. There were better female vocalists who lost out on this place.
4. Emperors of Soul
Ok, where do I start? I don't dislike this band, they seem like nice guys but are totally unsuitable for Eurovision. Someone told me last night that they reminded him of 5 Andy Abrahams! What a frightening image!
5. Mark
Mark is currently playing Prince Charming in Panto at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley.
As a dancer he has performed with Will Young, Gareth Gates, Liberty X, Westlife, Ronan Keating and Charlotte Church so he can certainly move!
I like Mark. He seems versatile with a strong voice. Could he be the U.K.'s answer to Mans?
6. Jade
Internet forums were flodded with the suspicion surrounding Jade's late introduction to the show! 'The production team' suddenly found this girl! However, it was done I don't really care as I think Jade could be a great contestant.
Previously signed to Sony BMG as a soloist and with girl band Trinity Stone she certainly can sing and seems to be the favourite to win the show.
I am looking forward to the next few weeks and I'm sure opinions will change as the weeks progress but right now my top 3 are Jade, The Twins and Mark!
What do you think?


Chris said...

Great review! I'd swap Mark for Damien, I thought his voice was more interesting and assured. Let's hope they spend a long time coaching and nurturing as they've got a long climb to get to that Moscow arena!!! Loved the programme though.

Happy New Year!!

Micko said...

The only thing worse than Andy Abraham is 5 Andy Abrahams with hair!! I do hope Jade or Mark make it through but thought overall the standard of entrants to be quite average with most using the opportunity to get in front of and impress ALW for his theatre productions rather than truly wanting to take the prize in Moscow

Schlager Queen said...

Thanks Chris. Yes lots of work will be needed with them to make an impact!
lol scary thought!
I agree. Many were out to impress the Lord but hopefully can be moulded in the next few weeks!