Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Melodifestivalen Performers 2009??

Over 24 hours since the songs for Melodifestivalen were announced more possible performers have come to light!

'Stay the Night' will definately performed by Alcazar!

'Love, Love, Love' by Agnes?

'Show me Heaven' will be performed by Lille+Susie who will make a comeback on the Melodifestivalen stage!

'Med hjärtat fyllt av ljus' penned by Bobby this could possibly be sung by Shirley Clamp?

'Alla': written by Dimitri Stassos who also wrote 'Hypnotized' for Sofia in 2007

'What If': (Don't worry Andy Abraham hasn't come back to haunt us!) Amir Aly co-wrote 'Just a minute' for Rongedal in 2008. Swedish trio Cookies and Beans are expected to sing this. Check them out here.

'Så vill stjärnorna': Reports reckon this is penned for Molly Sanden and Marcus Ubeda wrote the fabulous 'Never Let it go' for Afro-Dite! Could it be them?!

'Människobarn' : This could be sung by Susanne Alfvengren?

'Never been here before': The man who writes for Andreas and co-wrote 'One Love' for 2008 has joined forces with Jennifer Brown

'Tick Tock' is rumoured to be sung by Nina Soderquist!!!!

'Moving On' and 'Hope and Glory' are definately going to be sung by Sarah Dawn Finer and Mans! Go Mans!

'You're not alone' is possibly the BWO song!

'Snälla snälla': composed and sung by Caroline! What a strange title!

'Jag tror på oss': The exact team from 'Jag ljuger så bra' are back!! Is this for Linda Bengtzing!!!!? Yahoooo!

'1000 miles': This is co-written by Martin Stenmarch's brother so this could be his follow up to 'Las Vegas' in 2005! I still weep for 'Hall on Mig'!

'The Queen'
: I'm sure Schlagerqueen will like this one! Tony is the creator of 'S.O.S', 'Nathalie' and 'Love in Stereo' so this looks like Ola is back (with or without the bagpipes!)

'Welcome to my life': This could be sung be Jonathan Fagerlund who was in the band 'Streetwise' with Donal Skehan!

With 4 wildcards to be added this looks like an amazing line up for 2009!
It also looks like my fear of the schlager backlash didn't happen!

(Thanks to Aftonbladet and Poster Girl)


Fredrikjame said...

wow! that sounds very good! key changes will be heard in globen,you must be thrilled Squeen!

Micko said...

Why does Linda Bengtzing always seem to have champagne in her hand?, last time SQ had a pick, she was gulping a bottle, now she has a more modest flute! Ah the recession....