Thursday, October 9, 2008

Campaign for Melodifestivalen host officially open!

Following the news today that Melodifestivalen host Kristian Luuk will no longer be fronting the 2009 edition Schlagerqueen has officially started the campaign to give the job to Lena Ph(MF host '06) or Charlotte Perelli (MF host '03/'04)!

(Carola would have been in there aswell but fears for her safety meant she was eliminated!)

Maybe SVT could run a reality show like they did for the Belgrade hosts where schlager divas battle it out each week to win a place as host?
Challenges could involve:

A. Pretending to be excited that Nordman are about to go on stage and

B. Wiping away a schlager tear as Alcazar strut around the stage!

All suggestions welcome!


Micko said...

Just so long as Sanne isn't in the frame, i'd expect she's busy penning her anticipated winning succession to 'empty room'

Melodimen said...

I reckon Sanna is due a year off before returning to her roots (with a new look fringe!) - a schlager stomper in 2012.

Loved LenaPHs year - the schlager drottning atmosphere back stage with Carola - oh to have been in the Green Room!

Her interval performance of 'Jag ångrar ingenting' was and still is fab!