Monday, October 13, 2008

Charlotte for Idol!

According to expressen Charlotte Perrelli is to join the jury of 'Idol' on the last week of October. Last year the same show added Carola as a guest judge. Don't the Swedes do everything better?!

Maybe we should have Nicky French as a guest judge on X Factor? I'm sure Dannii has some facial movements that need to be frozen anyway!

By thw way, What has everyone made of the X Factor? Any potential Eurovision entrants for the future?!

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Micko said...

Well if Charlotte were to guest judge on the X Factor, it would certainly be an improvement visually on Ms. 'Where's my botox injection' Minogue! Can't really see any potential Eurovisioners in the line up so far but lets wait for 'camp' week to weed em out !!