Friday, September 12, 2008

Melodifestivalen stays in Globen!

After much speculation that Melodifestivalen would be moving to the new 15,000 seater arena in Malmo, SVT announced yesterday that the final will take place in Globen on 14th March 2009! How exciting!

The dates and cities are as follows:

1st Semi Final - 07 February 2009 - Scandinavium, Göteborg
2nd Semi Final - 14 February 2009 - Skellefteå Kraft Arena, Skellefteå
3rd Semi Final - 21 February 2009 - Ejendals Arena, Leksand
4th Semi Final - 28 February 2009 - Malmö Arena, Malmö
Second chance round - 07 March 2009 - Himmelstalundshallen, Norrköping
The final - 14 March2009 - Globen, Stockholm

SchlagerQueen has checked his diary and is off work on Monday and Tuesday the 16th and 17th...It is definately a sign! A long weekend of schlager...a weekend watching Linda vs Sanna vs Alcazar vs Lena Ph...stalking Charlotte/Carola opportunities a plenty...

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