Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kirkorov to host in Mosocow!

According to rumour Eurovision's eccentric Philipp Kirkorov is close to signing to present Eurovision in May!

Kirkorov is the lyricist behind 'Shady Lady' and 'Work Your Magic' and performer of the Russian entry 'Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana'in 1995. He has rarely avoided scandal with Russian media loving his outspoken nature and unpredictable antics.

The most notorious scandal followed an incident in Rostov-on-Don, 2004.

At a press conference he insulted a female journalist who had asked why so many of his songs were remakes of American and European hits.
Kirkorov, responded to the question by telling the female reporter he "bored with her pink jacket, tits, and microphone" and demanding that she leave the room immediately! Miaw!

What do you think? Do you think he would make a good presenter could somebody else do a better job?


Micko said...

My view on this is that such ‘entertainers’ do provide for a good all round show as they’re funny and can engage with the audience well, however as Philipp Kirkorov’s outburst to a Journalist in 2004 showed, they have a tendency to go off script and say wild things, which during a live broadcast can be unpredictable and embarrassing

Rachel said...

Oh my God- Kirkorov hosting Eurovision...that would be absolutely bloody brilliant!