Monday, September 22, 2008

De Toppers to Moscow!

De Toppers join Sakis as being the 2nd act confirmed for Moscow. Rumours began last year about Gerard Joling returning to Eurovision following his 1988 entry 'Shangri-La' which ended in 9th position.

Judging from what I have heard from these three guys I am happy with this news. Many have compared them to Estonia 2008 but I disagree. They are not a comedy act and are certainly not painful to watch as Kreisiraadio were. They remind me of Christer 'I love Europe' Sjorgren!

Netherlands have always been one of my favourite Eurovision countries and I would love to see them qualify especially since Edsilia and Hind both deserved a spot in their respective finals. Whether De Toppers can buckle this trend remains to be seen.

So nothing came of Anouk or Bearforce 1 for another year! Don't you just love the rumours..Did you hear that Afro Dite have submitted a song for Melodifestivalen?

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