Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mans is ready for Moscow!

According to a Swedish newspaper Mans Zelmerlow is certain to enter Melodifestivalen 2009.
His only concern is that he needs to find a song that is just as strong as the wonderful 'Cara Mia' which he credits for launching his career.
He even goes on to say that what was bad for the Ark was good for him oh er!


Micko said...

Cara mia was one of my favourites in all the eurovision campaigns of 2007, i reckon MF 2009 is a fairly open book however with Charlotte's Belgrade disappointment this year (Sanne should have won MF, she had the greater popular vote)....Sanne and Mans going head to head in MF 2009 would be fab! As my American friends say 'I'd buy that for a dollar!'

Keira said...

Woo! I love Mans. Hopefully this will bring with it a new album...
I asked my Finnish teacher today about how popular melodifestivalen is here (what with Swedish being a national language and everyone learning it in school), but alas he didn't know what I was on about. Shame. But I definitely intend to watch it now, hehe.