Thursday, August 14, 2008

Javine in knife attack!

Eurovision 2005 entrant Javine has been at the center of a violent bust up this week with her So Solid Crew boyfriend MC Harvey. Last week it emerged that Javine had been forced to call police when Harvey threatened her physically. It was alleged that the rapper waved a knife at her.
According to reports Harvey went 'berserk' after Javine threw all of his clothes out of their north London home when he failed to return from a night of drinking.
Police cautioned Harvey and it emerged that the Eurovision star decided not to press more serious charges and he has now returned to the home they share with their six month old daughter, Angel.

He is bad news Javine. Get out now!


BlikAtik said...

MC Harvey, you touch Javine's Fire and you'll get burned

Micko said...

Oooh Controversial

Schlagerprick said...

Their daughter's called Angel.

Personally, I think that should earn them both a police caution right there.

Chris said...

Exactly - that's a boy's name. Girls should be called Angela. D'oh!

Schlager Queen said...

@schlagerprick and Chris

That is a bit of a tragedy! Get the name situation sorted Javine and then you will get sympathy!lol!