Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I heart Lena!

Schlagerpride 2008 provided all schlager addicts with a very impressive line up. Charlotte, Euroband, Sanna, Linda (with new locks!), Velvet, Lotta, Hansson and Carson, Dana International and many more!
Lena Ph was looking particularly fabulous as she strutted her way around the stage manoeuvring that microphone stand as only she would know how!
Look out for the glitter explosion at 7.35! I so wish I had been there but not to worry, maybe next year! For those who did make it what did you think? Who was fabulous? Who was shit?
I am packing for 4 nights in Prague and I am very excited! Back on Tuesday :)


Melodimen said...

PHab clips!

Must've been PHantastisk!

Viva Lena Ph!

Chris said...

Ooooh Prague! Have a fantastic time!! Na zdravi!

Schlager Queen said...

Melodimen: she really is Phabulous!!
Thanks Chris I can't wait to 'Have Some Fun'!!
plus Ira Losco is performing there tomorrow!!