Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Revelations New Album!!

SchlagerQueen has just purchased the wonderful self titled new album from the amazing trio that is The Revelations.
My love for 'It's You' from Eurovision Your Decision is well known to readers of this blog but to add to my delight Annika, Sarah and Louise have given us some real gems including the infectious 'If I called you on the telephone', 'Your the loser' (which makes you wanna dance on the table!), 'Baby I want you to know' and 'Fall to pieces'.
Unlike many albums I have recently bought where I was expecting greatness and only found a few tracks that hit the spot this one ticks all the boxes. Their music makes you feel alive, happy and indulgent. I would love them to return to Eurovision again in the future but for the moment I'm happy to have this album on repeat! I hope for great things for these girls. Enjoy!


liam Dublin said...

amazing songs! I agree they were brilliant at Eurovision Your Decision. Think ill get myself a copy!

Anonymous said...

brilliant stuff, robbed by andy grr but alas this will be there revenge!

Micko said...

Couldn't agree more, Andy 'Snooze' Abrahams should never have been chosen over the girls, love 'em