Monday, July 21, 2008

Netherlands direkt til finale!

One of my favourite countries in Eurovsision The Netherlands has unveiled plans for their selection process for 2009. Dutch TV NOS selected 50 artists and bands which were divided into 5 groups of 10 acts. Every week, fans can vote for their favourites. Out of every group, 5 acts will proceed to the final.

The line up is looking particularly strong so far with acts including Bearforce 1,Anouk, Gerard Joling, Glennis Grace (Netherlands 2005) and camp as knickers Chipz! Another group are a trio called Big, Black and Beautiful(be careful when googling that one!) They remind of Afro Dite (any chance of reforming for MF next year?) Check out their performance of Success here complete with feathers! Maybe a little styling och consulting needed with the outfits though if they haed off to Moscow! Anyway whoever wins It is about time The Netherlands had a place in the final after Edsilia and Hind were both denied a qualification place.

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Micko said...

On top of the world, what a great song