Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Which City will it be?

The 2011 host city will be announced next month. 8 cities have expressed an interest in hosting with the main contenders being Berlin, Munich, Hanover, Frankfurt and Cologne.
In terms of population these cities have quite a range from Berlin at 3.2 million to Lena's city of Hanover at just 516,000.

Many have expressed their wishes for which city they would like to see hosting. In my opinion I want a city that is able to cope with the demands of hosting eurovision and providing the buzz about the contest throughout the whole city just like Oslo did.
Moscow on the other hand was too large and swallowed up the atmosphere.
Either way I am positive that the German's will present a very efficient show that is well organised and will be a comfortable and enjoyable place for all us lunatics that arrive next May!

What do you think?

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Micko said...

Hamburg or Berlin gets my vote, both would be great host cities x