Monday, August 9, 2010

4th Time Lucky for Chiara?

Our favourite Malteste diva Chiara has said she is interested in returning to the Eurovision stage for the fourth time!
Speaking at Stockholm pride where she was wearing a very fetching rainbow dress..ahem Chiara said “Eurovision has become like a drug to me. Every time I think of Eurovision I get this thrill going on in my mind saying, Yes I want to be there again..and again..and again! I just loving being part of it. I am in love with it. The experience is so nice! Even if the outcome is not as expected, the experience is still unique.’

Her family are reluctant to see her return as they struggle to deal with the negative side of the press.

She also said she would consider entering Melodifestivalen in the future and confessed her love of schlager! 'Schlager makes you dance! You just cannot stand still. It’s amazing. I really like it. I do feel comfortable performing it too.’

Chiara has a clear love for the contest and has the same addiction that we all understand, no it's not chicken wings its Eurovision!!


Micko said...

God loves a trier eh, good for her x

Clair said...

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