Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rehearsal rundown!

Now that all semi final songs are rehearsed at the Telenor Arena it is time for a round up of what I'm thinking!
This time next week the Irish gang will be lumionous in our green, white and gold and going mental! It feels so great to feel so proud of our entry and to be in with a strong chance is so exhilarating.

Niamh's rehearsal was strong and consistent. I like the podium and this will be covered in the purple dress that Niamh will wear on the night. The colours of green changing to orange are complimentary of the song and of Niamh. The movement of the backing singers didn't impress everyone but I am sure the camera angles will portray it well. Niamh was saving her voice in parts which is a clever move.

Reaction in Oslo has been all positive and Ireland's odds continue to drop (now at 16/1 @ Boylesports)

The Irish press conference was great to watch! Niamh's experience with the media and overall charisma is captivating and she is always positive.

Denmark lacked a spark in their rehearsal and need to work on a number of things including staging.
Azerbaijan came across well in their rehearsal and I like the choreography and staging even if a win by Safura scares me for 2011!

Georgia have overcomplicated a simple song (similar to 'I Wish I could Pretend' Eurosong '09) and the crazy choreography now reminds me of Montenegro's entry in 2009

Croatia were strong and Turkey will easily qualify as the musical style is different and they have a lot of support in Eurovision.

Sweden has been well received and seems to have boosted its position in terms of popularity.

Belguim and Slovakia have changed little from their national final performance but both are very strong and will sail through to the final.

One of my favourites Belarus has divided opinion but I think the wings albeit strange are fun! The dresses are fabulous and the song still sounds strong.

Finland seemed to have added an extra sparkle to their performance and could still have an outside shot of making the final.

This may surprise many but Serbia has impressed me! I enjoyed Milan's quirky nature and the colourful staging kept me watching!

Tomorrow rehearsals go back to semi 1 even though I would love to see the 5 finalists rehearse to get a fuller picture of it all.

Right now these are my predictions:

To Qualify
Semi 1: Moldova, Bosnia(not for the song!),Serbia, Sloavkia, Belguim, Albania, Greece, Belarus, Iceland and Portugal.

Semi 2: Armenia, Israel, Denmark, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Georgia, Turkey, Sweden and Romania.

The winner of semi 1 will probably be between Belguim, Greece and Slovakia and Semi 2 will very likely be won by Azerbaijan.

Well done to Keith, Andrew and Peter at AKOE who are keeping us all up to date with the excitement.

Next Thursday cannot come quick enough! Hoping to see you all then!



Micko said...

Great rundown SQ, see ya in Osh-lo!! xx

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