Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baku, Dublin, Zagreb 2011?

Tonight three weeks Eurovision 2010 will be kicking off at the Telenor Arena in Oslo!
I am beyond excited and I have a feeling this year will be a very exciting contest with a great host city, a strong Irish entry and no clear winner at this stage.

I will be there from Thursday morning until Sunday and am delighted to get semi 2 in this year. We are staying at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia hotel which was originally the home of the euroclub but this has since changed!
Accreditation is sorted, flashmob has been practised for the Irish edition on Thursday in Temple Bar (part 4 is damn tricky!)but looking forward to being part of it having missed the postcard filmed at the Spire.

This Saturday I am meeting a number of Oslo bound eurovision fans to have a pre Oslo day which involves lunch, drinks, shopping for Irish flags, leprechaun hats and feater bowas and general euro chat!

At my Eurovision preview party we had a great night. It was won by Denmark and Ireland was 2nd (just like the OGAE vote in Enniscorthy!)

Others that did well were Iceland, Bealrus, Romania, Belguim, and Azerbaijan.

Portugal was a surprise favourite and as usual the U.K divided opinion. Ireland would have stormed to victory but thanks to 'That's how David D's it' who didn't score Niamh this didn't happen!

The big losers on the night were Russia, Poland and the Ukraine which was no surprise. Thanks to the guys for a fantastic night!

Niamh will be joined by an extra backing singer for Oslo and they are 2 weeks away from flying out to Norway for rehearsal. A full list of rehearsal can be seen here.

Niamh has returned from Romania, Belguim and the U.K. where she performed on a number of TV shows and was a resounding success at the Preview Party in The Shadow Lounge in London.

Everyone is wondering who could win at this stage and I think that Azerbaijan, Croatia and Ireland are definately up there with a shot as I think they will appeal to bothe televoters and juries. The thoughts of Baku 2011 puts me right off unfortunately but may the best song win...It's for You!!!


Chris said...

Yes I'm struggling with Dance no 4 too! It's so bloody quick!!!! :)

Micko said...

I know Denmark is a big fan fave given the various OGAE results but I think Azerbaijan could clinch it and maybe Belarus or Belgium as the dark horses !!